A few miles from Rome, at the foot of the Monti Cimini and in front of the vast plain that stretches to the Tyrrhenian Sea, lies Viterbo, capital of Lazio. Called the city of the Popes, in memory of the period in which the papal seat was moved precisely in this city that still bears the traces of that pomp, Viterbo was first an important Etruscan settlement and later Roman Empire. brings together magnificent historical, archaeological and artistic works, immersed in an atmosphere of great charm and tranquility, enhanced by a pleasant climate. It preserves a monumental structure of the most important of Lazio: aristocratic palaces, monuments full of works of art of particular interest, charming medieval neighborhoods, churches and cloisters of various ages, slender towers of granite and elegant fountains ... (discover all the beauties of the city of Viterbo)

The Tuscia - old name of the current administrative reality constituted by the Province of Viterbo is studded with historical and artistic memories harmoniously married with a territory of fields, woods and lakes covers about 3,612 km2 between Rome, Tuscany and the Tyrrhenian Sea 'Umbria. Extended over an area so little you can see many different sights to make the area one of the most interesting in Italy, ranging from the Tyrrhenian coast to the west, with sandy coastline crowned by the typical Mediterranean vegetation, filled to the plains of the Maremma Viterbo; from the wooded hills of Mount Rufeno and Volsino, Cimini and Sabatini, dense oak and chestnut, with volcanic lakes of Bolsena, Mezzano, Vico and Monterosi, the spa area gathered around the great plain of Viterbo, to the lush valley Tiber to the east, crossed by river gorges and spurs more or less high tufa on which stand the ancient historic towns of origin. (discover all the beauties of Tuscia)

Culture and art of living, and events gastronomic delights, traditional crafts and expressions of collective religion, folk traditions and contemporary art, opera and operetta, film events, concert and theater seasons.
The calendar of events and events in Viterbo Province, and is virtually inesauribile.Nella Tuscia is a succession of festivals, rituals, performances, exhibitions, festivals, mercati.Non interest is not reflected, there is no curiosity that can remain unsatisfied for visitors who come to the province of Viterbo, a beautiful land full of history, art, culture and folklore.
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